Take a look at what people are
saying about Hubble.

See what they're seeing

Take a look at
what people are saying
about Hubble.

See what they're seeing


"Hubble’s daily-use contacts come at a relative bargain ($30 for a month's supply) and in zippy, colorful packaging by the Brooklyn design firm Athletics. What good is a contact-lens reboot if it’s not easy on the eyes?"read more

"As someone who has a tendency to ride his bi-monthly lenses for, er, much longer than that, the Hubbles were a revelation. I tried out a pair for two weeks in September, and I'll tell 'ya: they're real contact lenses! Comfortable and soft and vision-improving."read more

"In short, the lenses work and are comfortable. I’ve been wearing them for a few days in a variety of climates and situations, and I haven’t had any issues. They’re easy to insert, easy to take out, and they haven’t dried out on me."read more

"The company joins the ranks of Harry's and Dollar Shave Club — which both offer razors directly to consumers — as well as Warby Parker, which makes glasses and lenses under its own brand."read more


@maikenabmaofficial "Thank you @hubblecontacts for changing the contact lenses game!"

@eatingfabulously "Sunday Loving! I'm loving these fabulous contact lenses from @hubblecontacts My eyes have never been more fabulous. 💁🏾" #hubblecontacts #dailylenses #eyecare

@Styledbyskylar "for all of my fellow four-eyed friends 🤓 @hubblecontacts are a serious game-changer: daily contacts delivered straight to your door for $30/month (plus your first two weeks free) 🙌🏻 This is not sponsored, I'm just so happy I no longer have to spend $250 on a 6 month supply (which I used to stretch and make last a year) and their packaging is super cute too 😉"

@janieskinny "@hubblecontacts I'm converted. I love them. Thank you!"

@Donnadaily "Because daily contacts shouldn't cost a fortune, am I right? ... So happy @hubblecontacts exists! (Not an ad, just excited to share this with other fellow contact lens wearers!!)" #blindasabat

@hellomissriot "it's been over a week now since i received my first box of Hubble contacts. i am still so in love! they're so comfortable!! i use them every day" #hubble

@fun_fearless_beauty "Got my 2nd subscription from @hubblecontacts 👍🏻 It's legit and you guys should check them out 😉" #hubblecontacts #hubble #dailylenses #subscription

@Ladyforl1berty "K. I'm sure by now y'all have seen ads for these Hubble contacts on FB. Let me just say these are the BEST, most comfortable contacts I have ever worn!" #hubblecontacts #hubble #happycustomer
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customer reviews

‎Stephanie F.

"You absolutely can't beat it!"

"I am currently wearing my first pair of Hubble lenses and could not be more pleased. As someone with horrible habits, it is just easier to wear dailies or monthlies, but I didn't care for the latter. Dailies are great, but the cost? Eek! Finally-a solution! The clarity is incredible and while I am used to dry eyes, I've only needed my drops once today which is impressive. It is so nice to know that I can now have a fresh pair of lenses each morning and won't break the bank! I mean $30 for 30 pairs? You absolutely can't beat it! Thank you, Hubble!"

‎Carrie D.

"absolutely LOVE the contacts"

"Received my first 2 boxes of Hubble contacts yesterday & I absolutely LOVE the contacts, so far. Very comfortable & moist all day. I will definitely keep them coming! Thank you Hubble!"

‎Heather P.

"I would highly recommend"

"Received mine two days ago. Love them. They feel better than the expensive ones from the eye doctor or other mail order contacts. Customer service is wonderful. Response in 20 minutes, resolution in less than half an hour. I would highly recommend."


"Have you seen the price of daily contacts recently? I was floored! Enter my new favorite subscription, Hubble Contacts! I’ve been using the service for six months now and I’m a big fan!"read more

"My first impression of Hubble was that they were incredibly comfortable. Like, disappear and forget you are wearing them comfortable. Not once did I stop because of my contacts, not once did I have to adjust, not once were they dry after I was staring at a computer screen for too long. My last contacts gave me a headache by mid afternoon. Hubble didn’t even remind me they were there. They just did their job and let me do mine."read more

"When I tested the contacts, courtesy of Hubble and given my myriad of eye issues, I was skeptical at how much of a difference they could possibly make, but it was quickly evident it was a MAJOR one; clearly, seeing is believing! For someone who infrequently wears contacts due to eye woes, I rapidly felt that all of that was about to change, all thanks to Hubble’s excellent product and results."read more

"Not only are they comfortable, they are crystal clear and sharp. It was like I was seeing with brand new eyes! *Insert Paramore reference here* Plus, they're super affordable! I definitely don't wear my contacts everyday. I still like to put my glasses on when I'm feeling particularly lazy. So this saves me even more money because I'm not shelling out $80 dollars here and there to make sure I have a supply of contacts for when I feel like wearing them."read more

"I have been wearing my Hubble contact lenses for about 3 weeks now and I am very impressed. Not only have I not had any problems with them (or ripping) I don't even feel the need to re-wet them with any solution. They have a thin edge and are made of this super soft and really flexible high-grade methafilcon A hydrogel material. I don't even feel them in my eye so much so that I have to remember taking them out at night before bed."read more